Motor Fleet

The Inscorp Insurance Brokers team has many years’ experience in the motor fleet industry and can offer a full range Own Damage, Third Party Liability, Spillage and Clean-Up, Passenger Liability and Motor Excess of loss covers
Conventional and non-conventional options available.

We are also able to tailor practical insurance cover solutions to any individual requirements.

Conventional Comprehensive Cover

  • Own damage, fire theft, windscreen and third-party cover
  • Third Party Liability

Non-Conventional Cover

  • Aggregate Funding
  • Profit share
  • 50/50
  • Captive Fund

Aggregate Funding (Form of self-insurance)

  • Ideal for the company with the ability to handle certain claims themselves and who has a consistent loss history
  • Insured responsible for all losses up to the maximum amount and equivalent to the Stop Loss on each claim up to the aggregate amount stated in the policy
  • Once the limit is reached, at catastrophe cover will apply
  • Each policy is tailor-made according to the needs of the individual company
  • Tax benefits applicable

Deposit Premium with Burner Option

  • A deposit percentage of premium is allocated
  • Should losses paid or reserved exceed the pre-determined burner amount the remainder of the premium is payable to the insured
  • Different variations are applicable

Profit Share

  • 100% of premium payable to insurer (over 12-month period)
  • Should losses paid or reserved run below a pre-determined percentage a portion of the premium will be refunded to the insured
  • Different variations are applicable


  • Premium is split:
    • Premium and Fund
  • Ideally for your larger Companies
  • Different variations available depending on company’s individual needs

Captive Fund

  • When claims paid and/or reserved exceed a pre-determined percentage of earned premium the cost will be recouped from the fund until fund is exhausted
  • There after the policy will convert to a normal conventional policy